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My salsa instructor

Ric with Yari (3)

Sultry Yamylka

Tobacco Road

Ric with Ingrid

This was not my idea

Yamylka wearing the RZ hat!

At the parque

Ric with Yari (1)

My dear friend Ingrid

Ric with Yari (5)

My dear Mabylka

Ric and his old band "The Pale Riders" in 2006

My attorney in Panama

Bend that note, boy!

At the circus, with the circus

Duetting with Michelle Montesi (2011)

Double Trouble

The Goofballs in Vegas

Short hair

Yari at her best

My ringcard girl before the fights at Roberto Duran Arena

Hold on tight, Sloopy

The Pale Riders

My dear friend Yamilka

Rob and Ric with Zoltar

With Yamylca

Ric with Yari (2)

Harmonica practice somewhere in Hollywood

In better times...

Ric with his entertainment attorney Ray Rodriguez in Las Vegas.

Why is this guy happy?

Singer Gets The Girl

With Jennifer Elizabeth

Friends join me after a show

"The Pale Riders" promo photo

Ric with Panamanian singing and recording artist "Maby"

The RZ hat never looked better

My private chef

Ric with Jennifer Elizabeth

My nurse

Bill Mota

My Astrologer

Wallflower Gallery in Miami

Ric with Fan

My casino adviser

Ric with Yari

My financial advisor

Ric with Dave Madnick (2011)

Ric with Yari

Ric with Rob and fans

Ric with Paola

Ric with pretty Yamylka

Ric with Deanna

Ric with Yari

Dear friend Isabelle

Jennifer being sexy?

Ric performing live at the "Night Cap Lounge" 2008. Picture taken by John Leban

Ric with Yari

Sour Apple

What a lucky guitar!!!!!!

With Spanish teacher

Someone needs a higher chair

My hairdresser with a hopeless task

Ric with Yari (4)

Playing with Joe

Ric with album producer Luis Salazar

Ric with Panamanian singer Mabylka

"Easy Rider" at the "Mutineer" in Homestead

My librarian

Ric with Adrianna

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