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WELCOME TO THE RIC ZWEIG WEBSITE.  I am delighted you stopped to visit.  Take advantage of all the free features on the site.  To hear free samples click on our LISTEN page.  But better yet, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on our Electronic Press Kit (EPK) you will be able to listen or download full versions of our latest music.  Free is always good.  Our music BLOG page is updated every Sunday, 50 times a year and is probably the most popular feature on the site.  The PHOTO gallery also seems to be a favorite with visitors and offers compelling evidence that being a singer/songwriter is more fun than being a criminal court judge.  You can also catch up on the latest Ric Zweig news and live shows by hitting our GIGS and NEWS pages.  We would love to hear from you, so please hit us up on our CONTACT page.  Thanx again,  sincerely,  Ric    p.s.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention our You Tube video, "The Dark Light" recorded with Vito Tuxedo, having received more than 7,600 views, immediately below these words.  Check it out, but wait until the song now playing "The Stranger"" finishes, otherwise you'll have two at the same time.  Thanx again and again...


 Watch The Dark Light by Vito Tuxedo and Ric Zweig

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"We have found a real & true artist here"

"Running Out Of Time is a very consistent album that is both well written and performed."

"Singer/Songwriter Ric Zweig is a special gem in the mix of today's indie artists."

"Get the scoop on this fantastic singer/songwriter!" - IRN

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"Ric Zweig is a talented guitarist and songwriter..."

"Zweig is in fact revving up the engine..."

"...certain praise for Zweig's musicality and considerable vocal ability..."

"Songwriters Variety Show"

"If Bob Seger, Tom Petty, and David Bowie were to jam around a campfire you would get an idea of Ric Zweig's music."

Latest News...

Posted: 01/26/2018

We just received the news that RIC ZWEIG has been nominated in the category of BEST SINGER/SONGWRITER for the 2018 OSKI MUSIC AWARDS which honor local musicians from the South Florida music scene. We are deeply appreciative of this recognition and offer our most sincere thank you. RZ

Posted: 12/09/2017

Today, we signed an agreement with MOOZIKOO CREATIVE out of Philadelphia, PA in regards to our tune "GOTTA HAVE HOPE". We receive 35% of any monies earned on the Moozikoo You Tube Network. This can't be bad. RZ

Posted: 10/28/2017

Delighted to report that our most recent You Tube video production entitled "HERE COMES THE RAIN" is now the featured video on the subscription channel "FLORIDA SINGERS". Thanx to proprietor Tony Colella and his many subscribers for this recognition. The vid presently has over 1600 views and counting. RZ

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